MotoGP 2018: Gran Premio San Marino Riviera di Rimini

MotoGP-Misano-2014-processo-alla-gara Return 07 to 09 September 2018 appointment with the World Championship, but especially the MotoGP in Misano Adriatico. Branched dates ufficili January 2018, we hope that you will spend three days at the roaring GP Aperol of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini.

The passion for motorcycles is not limited to the circuit, they organize a series of related events that guarantee to all those who are guests in Romagna the opportunity to cultivate the most of their passion. The initiative, “Dedikato” in honor of the beloved pilot who lived in Portoverde, Daijiro Kato who will participate, as it does not happen anywhere else in the world, all the pilots of the championship. Dedikato is a big party that has the aim to remind the pilot who tragically died at Misano. Involving the champions of the Moto GP, journalists and even the public who wants to attend.

MotoGP Misano: MotoGweek

Even for 2018 will MotoGweek representing the powerful European response to the American event Daytona Bike Week and the only week of events dedicated to a Grand Prix. The week of events to mark the Aperol Grand Prix of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini will obviously sposorizzata from companies and international brands and they will try to engage the audience with their initiatives of all kinds.

The stage of the championship arrives in Misano the second week of September, when temperatures are a bit warmer and the Romagna is still full of tourists. For the occasion are also many tourists who decide to spend the week in the Riviera, with arrivals from all over the world, America, Japan, Canada and many other countries.

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